Featured Projects

Here are some projects I deem quite cool that I have built in the past

Realtime Analytics and Forecasting Platform

  • Problem: With a very unstable website, we wanted to use the real time capabilities of Adobe Analytics to understand technical performance and sales impact. It needed to be a flexible platform allowing for future extension and evolving forms of data representation.
  • Solution:
    • We chose Elasticsearch as the storage backend. It is fast, scaleable and resilient with relatively low maintenance
    • Using different scripts, we pulled real time and batch data out of Adobe Analytics and stored in ES
    • To get monitoring data, we rolled out Dynatrace and pulled the data into our platform as well
    • Once the data was available, Python was used to build a precise forecast on historical data, which was then also put into ES
    • Grafana was then used to visualize data on desktop, mobile and TV screens
    • The same data was also displayed on LaMetric time smart displays and made available to an experimental Alexa skill

Digital Marketing Attribution Modeling

  • Problem: To better understand our Digital Marketing performance, we needed to move past standard last-click attribution. In addition to web analytics data, we incorporated other digital marketing data to complete the customer journey with offsite touchpoints.
  • Solution:
    • To get data out of Adobe Analytics, a raw data feed was set up to a FTP destination
    • NiFi was then used to parse the data and store it in Elasticsearch
    • We setup scripts to iterate through that data and rebuild the customer journey with custom defined touchpoints and visitor logic
    • The results were stored in Elasticsearch and visualized with Grafana
    • Using classification, parts of the result were imported to Adobe Analytics for easy access